Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. I’m interested to be a mypaystation agent. How do I sign up?

That’s great! All you need to do is go to this link on our website. Once you have given the info required, our sales team will get in touch with you and obtain the following additional details from you:

  • Person in charge:
  • Contact no:
  • Location of business:
  • Name of company:

2. What are the documents needed to be a mypaystation agent? How do I submit these documents?

You can be a mypaystation agent in 3 easy steps!

  1. Fill up the mypaystation application form.
  2. Provide your supporting documents, as below:
    • IIf you are a company (Sdn Bhd or Sole Proprietor): Photocopy of your NRIC, Business Registration Certificate, Form 24/49 or Form B/D.
    • If you are an individual: Photocopy of your NRIC and Bank Statement.
  3. Send to

3. How long does it take to process my application? What happens after my application is approved?

Your application will be processed within 2 working days. Once it is approved, you will receive a message via SMS or email from us.

4. As a mypaystation merchant, how do I make payments or do reloads for my customers?

Via Website:

Via App:

Via Point-of-Sale outlet:

  1. Provide your Payment product details to our merchant
  2. Our merchant will assist you to make the payment
  3. After completing the payment, request for the official receipt from our merchant

5. How do I know if the payment I have made has gone through?

For bill payments, if the payment was successful, you will receive an SMS from us and the payment will be reflected in your next bill. Do keep all official receipts for your reference.

6. For International Reloads, what countries can I do reloads to?

You can do reloads to the following countries – Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar.

7. Will I be charged any transaction fee?


8. What kind of documents can I view on my account?

App: Your own personal details and record of your last 10 transactions.
Website: Your transaction history, payment record, credit top-up record.

9. Do you provide any POS materials to point-of-sale outlets?

Yes we do! Once you sign up as our merchant, we will provide the relevant mypaystation merchandise for you, at NO COST to you!

10. What safety and security measures does mypaystation use?

All data is encrypted between app and servers via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Only authenticated users are allowed to perform transactions. No data is stored on the app at any point of time.

11. How do I know that information about my business held online is stored securely?

We follow strict social engineering prevention by only dealing with authenticated and authorised contacts for security changes and information dissemination. We also maintain strict controls over who can access information and log all access attempts and all instances of changes to data, as well as maintain a record of who made those changes. Changes to data can only be made by the individual owner of the information concerned. Any third party change attempts are denied, then logged and flagged.

12. If you need any help, you can send a WhatsApp message to our Customer Helpdesk at 016-6878878 or email to

Our Customer Helpdesk operating hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 6.00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: On demand basis

Do note that any requests sent after the operating hours will only be attended to on the following day.

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